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2019 wrap up.

It is crazy what can be achieved by 4 people in one year, but have a read of our little 2019 roundup. This is just the tip of the iceberg but here are our favourite moments from the year.

by Helen
2019 wrap up.

Wow, what a year. We are so sad to see our launch year come to an end but we are taking the chance to look back at all of the amazing things we have achieved this year.  Let’s start at the beginning.

January 2019

It was cold, wet and miserable last January (we have all of this to come!) but inside a North London photography studio was a bright amalgamation of colours and enough lights to light up the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller centre. Photoshoots are not glamorous but with the help of our huge team and very experienced stylist  we produced 10 amazing shots in just 3 days. Want to see more from this shoot?  Watch our behind the scenes video here.

houseof photoshoot | behind the scenes

March 2019

Invites were sent, food was ordered and fingers were crossed that people would come!  Our press preview was 3 weeks before our launch date and was crucial to generate a buzz about houseof before we officially “switched the site on”.  We were amazed by the people who came to see us, the support of the press has been unending since.

houseof press breakfast | behind the scenes

April 2019

The month of our launch!  The stock arrived (finally), we had to push the launch date back a  couple of weeks but we finally made it. The delay in the launch meant that we weren’t together when we pressed the big red button.  Hannah was in an airport in Dubai, Helen was in Hong Kong and Florence and Michael were in London. We officially pressed the button at 3pm (GMT, 11pm in Hong Kong and 7pm in Dubai).


April was a big month for us, we were featured in The Telegraph, The Times and the Daily Mail and were pegged as “ones to watch for 2019”  - we hope we lived up to the expectations!

May 2019

Since our launch we have made so many connections, especially within the interior designer community.  Interior designers are the ones to watch, they act as the catwalk of interiors. We were welcomed into this industry and got to meet some of them face to face at our first meet up - Concept North.

concept north | houseof.com

July 2019

July was bittersweet, we starting selling out of our best sellers.  Nice problems to have but we hate disappointing people! July also saw us featured in Living Etc - a pinch me moment. They are our Holy Grail of interiors and we were so proud to be featured.

living etc feature | houseof.com | mesh table lamp

August 2019

Another big moment for us, our little concrete table lamp was featured in The Stylist.  We are so proud of this fella.

the stylist magazine | concrete table lamp | houseof.com

September 2019

We have made a lot of friends along the way but our best retail friends are Mustard Made.  They were celebrating their first birthday and wanted our help! We had our first pop up shop in Covent Garden and then a party in the evening.  Pop up shops are scary for online retailers, talking face to face isn't normally our thing but we loved it! Interacting with our customers is something we love doing and so putting faces to names was even better.

mustard made party | behind the scenes | houseof.com

October 2019

We spoke to interiors EXPERT and blogger mad about the house in October.  Kate is lovely and has supported us throughout the year. We spoke about all things lighting and how to update the lighting in an “inherited interior”.  Have a read of it here.

madaboutthehouse blog | houseof.com

November 2019

It snuck up on us but in November we got to 10,000 followers on Instagram! Woah.  10,000 followers not only means that we got our precious swipe up but it means that people really like us! It keeps growing and we cannot wait to celebrate our next big milestone.

December 2019

And this brings us back to now.  Now we are resting, whilst we think about the year ahead and what we want to achieve.  We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with us and continued to support us this year. We hope you will continue to watch us grow as we enter 2020 - we have some exciting things happening and can’t wait to share them with you.

houseof team | about us
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