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Best Mood Lighting For A Snug Home

It is lighting season and as the nights get longer we all look to creating a snug and cosy atmosphere in our homes.  Lighting is best for setting the mood and we have some helpful tips to guide you on your mood lighting journey.

by Helen
round diffused wall light | lilac | houseof.com

Mood lighting is needed at any time of the year. Lighting adds dimensions to a room which you really can't create with any other household item. Lighting is more than just a tool to see in the dark and we explore how it can be used to create atmosphere and how to create the perfect mood lighting scheme. 

Mood lighting is the term we use when we want to create a cosy, inviting and cocooning feel in our homes. Mood lighting is about soft, warm light as well as shadows and dappled lighting reflecting around the room.

Diffuse your light 

When you want to create this feeling the first thing to pick is a diffused lighting piece. Choose lighting where the bulb is not exposed and the light is reflected into the room. The diffuser floor lamp and the round diffused wall lights are perfect for this. 

Diffuser Floor Lamp | Lilac | houseof.com

Choose a warm bulb 

Buying bulbs is often very confusing but the thing to look out for when creating a mood lighting scheme is a "warm" bulb. Warm bulbs give a yellow-y hue which can range between a glow equivalent to early evening or as deep as the light during the sunset.  "Cool" bulbs have their place but they omit a blue hue which is similar to full daylight. Warm LED bulbs can help you to wind down and feel calm and serene. 

Opal disk floor lamp | Brass | houseof.com

Colour psychology 

When choosing your lighting, or even the colour on your walls pick something soothing and calming to create a restful room. Purple and lilac are associated with spirituality and promote serenity. Greens and nature colours ground us and connect us to nature, a place where we can breathe and feel calm. 

Opal disk wall light | brass | houseof.com

Know your Lumens

It is a myth that the wattage of a bulb is the test of how bright the light will be. Wattage just refers to the energy the light uses.  To create a mood lighting scheme pick bulbs with a low lumen level - lumens are a measure of brightness.  You aren't using these lights for detailed tasks, you are using them for shadow and texture in the room and a dull light is better for creating moods.  If you want lighting to be multi-purpose then use a dimmer switch with your ceiling and wall lights. This means you can have the benefit of them being used as task led lighting and for mood in your cosy house.

Opal disk wall light | brass | houseof.com

Lower the level of your lighting 

Rather than using ceiling lights to create atmosphere, pick lower lighting like floor lampstable lamps and wall lights. These don't provide light to the whole room and instead highlight corners and nooks. Having a couple of dark spots in the room is preferential for a mood lighting scheme, think speakeasy bar and not Blackpool illuminations. 

Round diffused wall light | lilac | houseof.com
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