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Homemade garden bar ideas

Wed, Jun 02, 21

Seek some serious cocktail-hour inspiration with our favourite homemade garden bars. What could be better? Cheap drinks, late openings and no bookings required!

by Hannah
Homemade garden bar ideas

Love having your friends over on the weekends for a drink or two? Then the outdoor bar trend that has become increasingly popular during lockdown, is for you! 

We have pulled together some of our favourite outdoor bar ideas, that work in a variety of different outdoor spaces, for the perfect cocktail-hour inspiration.

Give the shed a makeover

Clear out all the unnecessary clutter (and spiders) and transform the basic garden shed into a welcoming drinking spot. Cut a serving hatch, create a bar top and add some barstools ready for your visitors. Finish off with some bunting, hanging party signs and soft furnishings to give this bar a cosy feel. 

Image from extraspace.com

Image from mypositiveoutlooks.com

Style the outdoor table lamp in brass on the bar top to bring an ambient glow to your evening.

Homemade Wall Mounted Outdoor Bar

Every garden deserves a bar, and all you need to achieve this is a wall to suspended the simple drop down bar from. Perfect for balconies and constricting courtyards. Offering a prep station or seating area, decorate the bar with some candles, fresh mint and chopping boards.

Image from hunker.com

Image from Etsy 

Add the outdoor round wall light either side of the drop down bar to add a stylish finish and provide your evening with an ambient glow.

Up-cycle a potting bench 

Create outdoor bar ideas on a budget by giving an old potting bench some love. Clear out the seeds, give it a bright lick of paint and add some accessories such as the beautiful coffee table books below. With plenty of storage, there is plenty of room for all your drink essentials, ready to make the perfect mojito!

Image from Wayfair 

Add the outdoor table lamp in charcoal for a stylish finish.

Keep it simple with a stylish large ice bucket   

Avoid constantly rushing inside on a hot summer’s day to get more ice to put in a plastic tub, with a stylish large outdoor ice bucket. Perfect to fit in with this years Mediterranean garden trend, the ice bucket is a stylish and easy way to add a bar into your garden. Make sure you have some fancy bottles on show to complete the look.

Image from udemy.com
Create a standalone feature with a homemade outdoor bar
Your bar can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, using repurposed materials and objects such as wood panels, palettes and barrels is a great way to create something unique in your garden whilst keeping costs down. This simple yet sturdy bar is not only perfect for entertaining guests but also for creating a stylish feature in the garden. 
Image from @livingonfirbank
Styled perfectly with the outdoor charcoal floor lamp, stylish foliage and some outdoor bar lights. 
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