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Earth Day, our pledge to support the earth.

When we started houseof we wanted to make sure we reduced our impact on the Planet. Which is why this year we are celebrating Earth Day's 50th Anniversary. Join us in championing the beautiful place we live.

by Helen
Earth Day, our pledge to support the earth.

April 22nd is Earth Day but we also wanted it to be the day we make ourselves accountable to you and pledge publicly, our support to the Earth.   We have a long way to go still and we don’t ever think our mission will be complete but we wanted to make you aware of the pledges we make to reduce our impact on the environment. 

Saving energy 

We are trying to move everyone to greener energy.   LED lighting is energy efficient and uses approximately 60% - 75% less energy than normal halogen bulbs, meaning it is kinder on the wallet and on the environment.  We are going to champion the change to LED lighting.  

LED lightbulb | houseof

Eliminating Plastics

We have already taken out all of the plastics in our packaging but want this to go further and eliminate it from our supply chain.  Only 9% of the plastic made is actually recycled and so the only answer is to stop making it.  

plastic free packaging | houseof

Re-use and recycle

We are members of the Distributor Take Back Scheme which means all of our lighting can be recycled at your local recycling centres.  We also want to help repair any breakages instead of replacing which is why we offer a spare parts service for the lifetime of the product*.

Mesh table lamp | houseof | Olive

Built to last

We don’t want to add to the stuff out there and be part of the fast fashion industry which is why all of our products are built to last.  We also offer a 2 year guarantee on all of our lighting.

Pendant ceiling light | houseof

Over consumption 

We don’t like waste which is why we keep our production tight and our quantities low.  We don’t want to be left with overstocks and add to the mountains of unwanted products in landfill.

This is just the start of our journey, we are committed to upholding our promises and will continue to work towards being better.  All in aid of the biggest houseof all - Planet Earth.  

Read on to see how you can get involved in Earth Day

*subject to component availability

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