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Key garden trends for 2021

Wed, Jun 02, 21

As uncertainty around travel continues and we once again look to our gardens to provide us with a place to escape, entertain and unwind, we wanted to give you a round up of our favourite garden trends to look out for in 2021.

by Hannah
Key garden trends for 2021

Unsurprisingly, the pandemic has had a huge influence on garden trends this year, as we make way for a rise in garden offices, outdoor kitchens and garden bars with a key theme of bringing the indoors out. 

Below are a selection of our favourite garden trends to keep an eye out for in 2021.

The outdoor living room 

Blending your interior and exterior space and creating an outdoor living area is a key trend for 2021. It’s about carefully selecting furniture and adding cushions, throws and outdoor lighting to soften the look and create cosiness. 

With the climate in the UK becoming warmer, outdoor living spaces are becoming  increasingly more popular. And are multifunctional areas that are perfect for entertaining as well as relaxed evenings with the family.

Image from Pinterest

The garden bar 

Although pubs and bars have started to re-open, there was a huge surge in people creating their own outdoor bar areas last year, and why stop now? Especially when they offer cheaper drinks, later closings and no booking is required!

Despite the unpredictable British weather, the nation is embracing the Mediterranean lifestyle and we are here for it! 

Image from Pinterest 

Use the outdoor table lamp in brass to bring some light to your bar whilst setting the scene with an ambient glow.

outdoor table lamp - brass

If you like the idea of having your own garden bar this summer then read our garden bar ideas blog to get inspired. 

Backyard cinemas

Lockdown has forced us to make our own entertainment and one of the most popular ideas has been outdoor cinemas. Perfect for the whole family to relax or for a romantic date night idea under the stars. Grab the popcorn! 

Image from Pinterest

Style the rechargeable outdoor hanging lamp in multiples above your seating area to create even more of an atmospheric evening. 

outdoor hanging lamp

Outdoor rugs 

Perfect for bringing the indoors out and defining a ‘living area’ in the garden, outdoor rugs are becoming a garden essential. Whether you have a patio, balcony or a small garden, an outdoor rug offers an affordable way to create a focal point in the garden.


Image by luluandgeorgia.com

Mediterranean gardens  

Mediterranean inspired gardens with a blend of upscale Miami hotels are one of the top trends this year. Featuring, a chalky palette of muted greys, sun bleached woods, concrete and outdoor rugs. Add some rattan accessories, palm plants and the outdoor floor lamp in charcoal to really complete the look.

Image by The Independent 

Natural Materials 

Sustainability continues to be a strong focus, with natural materials - or natural looking materials a priority in the garden. From rattan to wood furniture, stone pots and wicker. The use of natural materials help create a calm and peaceful haven in any sized space.   

      Image by ecoscapeuk.co.uk 

The outdoor tripod floor lamp works beautifully with this trend, featuring 3 wooden legs and a recyclable plastic shade. The stylish floor lamp brings an ambient glow, perfect for outdoor urban spaces.  

outdoor tripod floor lamp - houseof

The home office

As working from home looks to be the new normal, many remote workers are now looking to set up permanent separate working spaces at home. With the need for a change of scenery and some outdoor time, the outdoor home office is becoming increasingly popular. 

From transforming sheds into offices or investing in a brand new garden structure altogether, working from outdoors is the new working from home. Offering a quiet and functional space that is away from the distractions of home life.  

Image from dailymail.co.uk

Use the outdoor floor lamp in brass to provide some light in the office as the evening draws in and then move it to your outdoor seating area as you unwind after a long day.  

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