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by Helen

This week we caught up with Lisa Riddoch, the blogger behind Mum Does Design.

houseof Lisa Riddoch

This week I had the honour of interviewing Lisa Riddoch who has the blog Mum Does Design. We spoke about her love of Scandi, monochrome and how she loves styling her house.  You can follow Lisa on Instagram @mumdoesdesign but first let's get her thoughts on interiors.

Hello - it is time to introduce yourself to our lovely audience, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello, I’m Lisa Riddoch From Mum Does Design. I design interiors to help support your and your family’s wellbeing at home. Our home environment has a huge effect on how we feel so it’s important to have a home that makes you feel good.

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What is your interior design style?

I’m heavily influenced by Scandinavian design, being a working mum I’m drawn to the ease of minimalist living and clean lines though I am not a true minimalist. Family living demands a more flexible approach so I would describe my style as calm and considered. I like to take a sustainable approach to design, investing in key quality pieces and I have a love for house plants.

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What are your favourite colours at the moment?

I have just come back from a trip to Copenhagen and I fell in love with the monochrome Airbnb we stayed in. It’s a hard look to do well because you need to be ruthless, if it’s not black or white it’s not allowed. It reminded me of a trendy warehouse art gallery.

I’m redecorating our bedroom and using a beautiful pinky coral. It’s a bold choice for me but it will make the perfect backdrop for the new rattan and plywood furniture I’m using.

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Which interior design trends would you love to bring back?

I have been looking on auction sites for a Papasan chair. It remains me of my childhood and I have the perfect space for one in our living room. The search continues…

What is your biggest interior design regret?

Putting up coving in our old house. Keep the lines clean people!

Lastly, what is on your product wish list from houseof and where would it feature?

It would have to be the rattan and concrete side table, I love houseof’s fresh and modern take on rattan. I also have my eye on the concrete ribbed table lamp in grey, concrete is one of my favourite materials and this design is simply beautiful. I would put them both in my newly painted bedroom.

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