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This week we talked to Sam Ward, an interior designer based in the North West. He has a Scandi-Industrial style and perfectly balances colour with neutrals in the houses he plans. You can follow Sam on @homeward_interiors.

by Helen
houseof Sam

Helen: Thanks so much for agreeing to be on our blog Sam, why don’t you start by telling us all a little bit about yourself...

Sam: The dreaded question when someone asks you to tell everyone in the room a little bit about yourself.... but here goes! Hey! - I’m Sam Ward and I own Manchester based company Homeward Interiors. We’re a small company, consisting of 1 employee - that’s me! So it can get pretty busy at times and I have to wear a lot of different hats throughout the working day! I’d probably say my company specialise in designing and dressing show homes/ apartments as well as staging homes for sale around the Northwest Region. We also dip our toe into the property development world every now and again too.

Helen: I think you answered that well Sam!

Sam Ward Interior Designer Bedroom

Helen: We love you style but for the people who haven’t seen it, how would you describe it?

I guess you could say it’s Scandi meets Industrial. I love the clean lines and minimalistic ways of Scandinavian design but I’m also partial to a bit of matte black metal and concrete wherever I can sneak it in.

Helen: We think you also know how to perfectly balance neutrals and colour pops, very houseof.

Sam Ward Interior Designer | Living Room

Helen: How did you get into the interiors world?

Sam: I actually have a degree in Advertising & Brand Management so started my working life in several Marketing Agencies around Manchester. My partner owns an Estate Agency business in Manchester and one day asked me if I would help dress an apartment to sell that had been on the market for a while with little to no interest. I jumped at the chance and got to work designing the space. A couple of weeks later the apartment went back on the market and sold for above the original asking price, within one week - including all the furniture and I thought to myself “maybe I’m not too bad at this interiors business”. I continued to take on projects on the side of my full time job, working weekends and evenings and then in 2017, when I was unfortunately made redundant from my job, I decided that now was as good a time as any to peruse my passion full time. And that’s how Homeward Interiors was born :-)

Helen: the road to success is never smooth and journeys can always take you in places you didn't expect to go!

Helen: What is the biggest challenge you have faced since creating Homeward interiors?

Sam: I’d have to say creative feedback. I was used to being an Account Manager, critiquing and providing client feedback to the creative teams - to be on the other side isn’t always fun and I’ve gained a new found sympathy and respect for anyone in the creative industry.

Helen: Us creatives never like to be told what to do!

Helen: What is your own style like versus the style you use for projects?

Sam: To be honest I think the two are pretty similar - whenever I complete a project people always say ‘It’s very you’ which I’m hoping is a compliment haha! My house features all aspects of my style - but with a few more traditional and luxe aspects thrown in such as wall panelling, a Shaker Kitchen and lots of brushed brass!

I’ve still managed to keep a calm, minimal, Scandi feel throughout the house but with my signature style of incorporating some industrial tones - such as a polished concrete floor, concrete dining table and Crittall style doors throughout.

Helen: Sounds beautiful.

Helen: How do you use colour in your designs?

I love colour. I go through phases of colours - recently its been yellows and mustards and a lot of pink! I’m really not ready to move of from dusty pink yet! I tend to go for a neutral back drop, and then use pops of colour to lift the room in the form of soft furnishings, lighting, accent chairs and artwork. But I’ve been known to paint a wall or two as well. In my own house we have, you guessed it, ‘The Pink Room’ which is painted in F&B ‘Sulking Room Pink’ and is just amazing! Our living room is also F&B Hague Blue (which is a great back drop for my gold Sputnik light fitting ;-) )

Helen: got to love a bit of Hague blue, we also have this in our dining room.  Blue and pink is a classic combo and will never date.

Helen: Lastly, which is your favourite piece from the houseof collection?

Sam: This one is easy - the concrete ribbed lamp. It’s everything I love in one - its simple, minimalist but with that industrial concrete edge - I’m also into anything with an opal shade. It’s also a great price, I honestly don’t think theres a project I’ve done where I haven’t incorporated one somewhere!

Helen: Ha! Thanks Sam, we love your style and hope you continue to use houseof in your designs! 

Sam Ward Interior Designer | Houseof Concrete Table Lamp

Don't forget to follow Sam on Instagram @homeward_interiors

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