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houseof x Lotta Blobs

Continuing our blog series brands we love, houseof are introducing you to Shantelle Hyslop. A multi-talented graphic designer and sculptor, who founded Lotta Blobs during the global pandemic, with the aim to bring fun and colour into your home.

Brands We Love
by Florence

We are so excited to have you feature on our blog! Tell us a little bit about yourself, your brand and how it started.

I am Shantelle, a young creative living in London. I am a full-time Graphic Designer and I run my small business, Lotta Blobs in my free time. For my business I create colourful sculpted framed mirrors which I have been running since the summer of 2020. 

Lotta Blobs’ mirrors are so beautifully unique. How did the idea come to you and where do you find your inspo?

The idea for my mirrors popped into my head one morning while I was on furlough last year. I was working on several creative projects to occupy my mind at the time and just had the idea to jazz up an old mirror I had laying around and that’s how Lotta Blobs was born. I tend to find my inspiration from the everyday. I have a keen interest in colour and the concept of colour being a mood changer so I tend to be inspired by colourful things that provoke something in me in my day to day.


A Graphic Designer by day and a Sculptor by night! So impressive! Is this something you always wanted to do, or was it a business idea that sparked during the pandemic? 

Yes it can be pretty hectic juggling the two! I had always pondered on the idea of having a small business so as soon as I created my first design I knew it had potential and decided to give it a go. Thankfully it picked up some traction and I’ve been going ever since.

For anyone wanting to start a new business, what advice would you give them?

I would just say it's important to stay original as you will always be that more confident in yourself and that will help you power on through the bumpy parts of running a business!


2020 was such an important year for both black owned and female owned businesses. What has been your personal experience? Have you noticed any positive changes?

I was always brought up to not allow labels hold me back and to just focus on what I feel passionate about which I think plays a huge contribution to my success of Lotta Blobs so far. However, that’s not to say that I don’t feel proud to be a member of the black and female owned businesses. It’s amazing to see this growing community and at times I have to sit back and realise how fortunate I am to be part of something so great as to have all this independence and support was once a foreign thing to many minorities. So for that I am eternally grateful!

Who are you absolute favourite designers/creatives/businesses to follow on instagram?

Some of my absolute faves are @katiegilliessurfacedesign, @theflowerandtheflea and @potyertitsawayluv . All female owned businesses who have great charisma, fun products and overall just are huge inspirations to me!


Which Lotta Blobs product is your personal favourite?

It alternates a lot but at the moment I love my lilac and lemon blobs. They’re fresh but still have a bit a zest!

Finally if you had to pick a houseof light to pair with a Lotta Blobs product, which one would you choose?

They are all so great but my current favourite is your Pink Arch Table Lamp. I love the simplicity of the design paired with the pink and soft white bulb. I also think the fun shape would pair really well with my playful blob designs!


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