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houseof Melinda.

This month we caught up with Melinda Kiss, the founder of Keyhole interiors, to see what she is loving in interiors right now.

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by Helen
houseof Melinda.

This month we interviewed Melinda Kiss who owns the interior design agency Keyhole Interiors. We get serious interior lust when looking at Melinda’s work.  Check her out on instagram @keyholeinteriors but get to know her below first.

Photo by Jenny Kakoudakis @seasonsincolour, Interior by Keyhole Interiors

Hello - it is time to introduce yourself to our lovely audience, tell us a little bit about yourself and what they can expect from your blog.

Thank you so much for having me! I am the proud owner of a small interior design studio in the North of the UK where we work on listed buildings (our favourite), new builds, extensions, full home renovations and everything in-between. I opened the doors of Keyhole Interiors in 2017 and it has given me the best and hardest whirlwind-of-a couple of years, I have ever had! I am passionate about timeless, lasting and grounding interiors inspired by nature and slow living and I can’t wait to share some of my thoughts with you!

Courtney Bishop - Kirb Appeal

Do you have an interior design style?

I’m never a fan of labels when it comes to style because I think this is something that naturally goes through constant changes. The more you see and learn, the more your style evolves and it’s something that should be embraced and taken advantage of! I’m always somewhere between contemporary and minimal, with a nod towards industrial and mid-century design. I don’t think there is anything wrong with mixing styles as long as you strike that healthy balance.

What are your favourite colours at the moment?

Oh, I have so many! On the surface I’m a neutral kind of gal but I’m also a lover of deep, rich colours – forest green and mustard, stormy blues and all the dark shades of grey. I like playing with different tones of the same colour in a design scheme and building them up until you get that much needed colour-punch that adds interest to a scheme.

Du Rietz Design and Development - Casa Sa Mar

Which interior design trends would you love to bring back?

I think all of the design trends I love are actually back! Mixed metals, earthy tones, lots of natural materials, brass accents, wall paneling – I could go on and on. Trends are really temperamental and most of the new ones don’t last long, but if you pay attention you realise that nothing is ever really new. We take inspiration from previous decades and re-cycle them to suit our current needs.

What is your biggest interior design regret?

Falling for the copper trend! A couple of years ago I went through a phase of buying everything copper I could get my hands on: copper bedside tables, kitchen cupboard handles, candle holders, paper pins etc. I am now the proud owner of numerous oxidised, green stains all over the place and I’ve realised that I’ve never even been much of a fan of copper as a whole!

Abaton Arch

Lastly, what is on your product wish list from houseof?

Where do I even start? I have an undying love for the Diffuser Floor Lamp and the Round Diffused Wall Light in brass; I can’t wait to see these in current projects I am working on! I secretly also have my eyes on the Curve Floor Lamp for my living room, I think it might be my 30th birthday present to myself!

diffuser floor lamp - charcoal

Photos by Jenny Kakoudakis & Keyhole Interiors / Courtney Bishop / Du Rietz Design & Casa Sa Mar / Abaton Arch

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