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Inspiration - bedrooms.

We have pulled together our favourite bedrooms from around the world. We showcase the leading hoteliers and interiors designers, showing us how to really play with lighting in the bedroom.

by Helen

A tough blog post to collate, all I want to do is climb into these inviting bedrooms.  We have surfed pinterest to find our favourite bedrooms for the winter months. 

Pink bedroom with bedside ceiling lights in brass | houseof.com

Photo by Arogo Street 

Pink bedroom with LED bedside lighting

Photo by Fernanda Marques 

Green bedroom with brass wall light bedside light | houseof.com

Photo by trends for ladies 

Photo by Hotel Le Planque, Paris

Blue bedroom with brass bedside lights | houseof.com

Photo by The Henrietta Hotel 

Blue bedroom with bedside wall lights

Photo by Nicolas Schuybroek 

Have a look at our blog on how to use bedroom lighting here.  

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