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Inspiration - classic design styles.

Which design style are you? Do you know which design style you will incorporate into your house? Industrial or farmhouse kitchen? Mid century or scandi living room? In this post we explore the design styles which won't date.

by Helen
Inspiration - classic design styles.

Design goes through phases but there are some styles which have always been there, like a loyal pair of slippers. They don't date and provide comfort when current trends get a little scary. In this post we explore these styles and what keeps them around.

Mid Century Modern

mid century modern bedroom | design styles | houseof.com

Photo by Delightful

Design classics feature heavily in mid century modern interiors. The look is ambidextrous and can be used all around the house. From living rooms with cherry wood drinks cabinets, dining rooms with Ercol dining tables to sputnik formed ceiling lights in the bedroom.  We love this look and it has always been there ticking along in the background. Incorporating colour into this look is easy, burnt orange, coral and cobalt blue add to this natural look.

Modern farmhouse

modern farmhouse kitchen | barn conversion | houseof.com

Photo by devol kitchens

Forget shabby chic here, modern farmhouse is more barn conversion than farmhouse kitchen. Beams or modern wood panelling mix with industrial fixtures and fittings.  Features are created using natural beams and modern elements blend effortlessly into the setting. Colours can be moody but must be supported by a neutral palettes so as not to overtake the breathtaking features.

New Scandi

Scandi Scandinavian bedroom | houseof.com

Photo by Architect Emil Dervish

Scandi design has been a feature in the UK since Ikea brought their famous meatballs to our shores (and we are most grateful).  Scandi used to be about white spaces with colour pops but it is now grown up and much more sophisticated. Think oak and blonde wood, mixed with matt charcoal metal.  Mix textures within New Scandi like ribbed glass or fluted walls. It still has a fun side and this is shown through it’s mixture of shapes like soft curves against harsh squares.


Nordic Kitchen | houseof.com

Photo by Trendehouzz

The good thing about Nordic style is that people don’t even realise that they are doing it. It is a subtle design style which is slightly minimalistic but also inspired by nature.  Shapes and lines are kept clean and straight and when materials are used they are natural. Colours used are black, grey and white with subtle earthy greens and moss tones warming this up.  Nordic design is a thing of simplistic beauty.


industrial kitchen | houseof.com

Photo by @modern.architect

Industrial has seen many guises but we are rather partial to the one we are seeing right now.  Industrial used to be about up-cycling and making - think jam jar lights and pallet benches but now it has entered a new era and industrial is just about celebrating raw materials and manufacturing techniques.  Steel is kept raw, wood is un-sanded and you will see the makers mark. We love an industrial kitchen but it can be used throughout the house as a hint or highlight.

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