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Inspiration - co-working spaces.

Tue, Sep 24, 19

Looking for a co-working space? Tired of being alone in the office? Well we have the answer and have pulled together the best co-working offices from around the world.

by Helen
Inspiration - co-working spaces.

We have pulled together a roundup of our favourite hotdesking destinations from across the world.  Our only hope is that some of these dream-like destinations end up down the road soon! We know we would all be more productive here.

The Wing

NOT ONLY are their interiors dreamy we love everything The Wing has to offer.  Currently in locations like LA and New York, The Wing offers hotdesking and membership to females only.  They create awe inspiring interiors as well as thinking of everything when it comes to office amenities. They have a nursery, hairdryers and straighteners in all of the bathrooms and roof terraces.  They are also championing women supporting women and who would say no to that?! The great news is coming, The Wing London launches very soon!

The wing interior | houseof The wing desks | houseof

Photo by The Wing


WeWork feels new but actually there are now over 30 of them in and around London and they are coming to other UK destinations too! It is our firm favourite, we are based in one and so may be biased, but we love their plastic free ethos, recycling points and their meat free policy.  Ok, we also love the free bar which gets switched on at 3pm everyday - because all that good has to be outweighed by a little bad? Their interiors are industrial and modern with a splash of colour - (sounds familiar!)

Wework | houseof Wework interior | houseof

Photo by Wework

Factory Berlin

Ever had the urge to jump into a ball pit whilst in the office? Us neither but now we know it exists it’s literally all we talk about.  Factory Berlin creates spaces to reduce stress, whether it is playful areas like the ball pit or offering Yoga and free brunches. We are much less stressed just thinking about it.  Their interiors are clubby, pared back and minimalist.

The factory Berlin | houseof The factory Berlin interior | houseof

Photo by Factory Berlin


The best thing about working remotely is that you can do it anywhere.  Beach in Thailand would do right? Complete with hammock meeting rooms and beachfront desks all with a sea vista.  This places actually exists (hops on a plane). Coming soon to Bali, Costa Rica, Hawaii and Mexico the beach is waiting for you.

Beachub | houseof

Photo by Beachub

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