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Lighting a Bathroom Without Windows

Windowless bathrooms are more popular than ever, especially in new developments.  These bathrooms can sometimes be dark and gloomy and so we want to show you our tips and tricks for lighting a bathroom without the use of natural light.

by Helen
Lighting a Bathroom Without Windows

Bathrooms are often internal rooms, in modern flats and houses there is often at least one bathroom or downstairs toilet which doesn’t have windows.  This trend often means that these spaces can be dark and gloomy, which is not great for a space where we need to see!  If you have a windowless bathroom or toilet and don’t know how to banish the gloom then read on. 

For smaller spaces like the downstairs loo, we would recommend installing a flush light in the centre of the room.  As it is a smaller space you don’t need multiple bulbs and one might do for this room.  Installing a flush light fitting will also encourage the eye upwards and give a sense of space and height.  

small bathroom | houseof.com
Image by tilebar.com


A trick for making your bathroom feel lighter would be to install reflective tiles.  Installing shinier tiles, in place of matt, will reflect any light back into the room and make it feel like a brighter space.  A lighter colour would be a good choice, but the effect would be similar with darker tiles too. 

dark bathroom | houseof.com
Image by The Contemporist 


The sink is the position in the bathroom where we need the most light.  To light this area try installing wall lights or two pendant ceiling lights either side of the bathroom mirror.  If you hang these at head height the light will be exactly where you need it. The light will also reflect off of the mirror and back into the rest of the room.  

Pendant light bathroom | houseof.com
Image by huntingforgeorge.com


If you are lucky enough to have a freestanding bath we love making a statement and hanging a low ceiling light above it.  It not only adds a touch of luxury giving a hotel-like feel it will also supply a good amount of light to the rest of the room. As you have the space, you can choose to hang a light with multiple bulbs to give maximum impact.  You can also hang this slightly lower to ensure light reaches the rest of the room. 

To recreate a daylight feel in your bathroom use a bulbs which has a cool colour temperature.  Cooler bulbs have a kelvin score of above 4000.  A cooler bulb has a blue hue and emits a light similar to natural daylight.  A warmer bulb, anything under 4000 kelvins, will emit a yellow hue and although this is perfect for spaces where you want to relax and unwind it is sometimes not conducive to the bathroom.  

Bright light bathroom | bathroom with no windows | houseof
Image by Hunker.com


The fixtures and fittings you choose will help make your bathroom feel lighter and brighter.  As well as reflective glossy tiles choose reflective metal surfaces on your lighting and other fixtures and fittings.  For example, choose a clear shower screen instead of a shower curtain and chrome radiators instead of matt black.  These fixtures and fittings will help light bounce around your room.  

bathroom sink | concrete sink | houseof.com
image by nood concrete co
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