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Lighting A Room Without Overhead Lights

Lighting a space without access to overhead lighting can be tricky.  All of our homes have their own little quirks and in this blog we investigate how to light your home without ceiling lights.

by Helen
Lighting A Room Without Overhead Lights

Having good access to light is important for productivity and mood and this can be made more difficult if you don’t have access to good overhead lighting.  Some spaces may not have ceiling lights and this could be because it is an older property, the property might have low ceilings or the ceilings are angled.  You also might live in an apartment and have no access to change your ceiling lights or you live in a rented property and wish to hang a ceiling light where there currently isn’t one.  You don’t need to suffer in spaces with no ceiling lights and we have lots of solutions to help you fix this problem.  

For apartments or rented spaces without ceiling lights you may have the space and the ceiling height but at the moment there is no ceiling light in place.  You may also have spotlights but want something which is decorative or ambient.  A good fix for this is choosing a light with a longer cable and adapting this with a plug.  The cable can be hooked to points on the ceiling and wall creating a decorative feature.  Choose a cable which is brightly coloured for a pop of decoration.  If you can’t find a light with a longer cable and have access to spotlights, you can purchase spotlight adaptors which fit like a plug into your spotlight fitting. 

Ceiling light with plug | houseof
Image by davidegroppi.com

For a living room with no access to overhead lighting or no space to fit a ceiling light you may want to opt for wall mounted lights as these can be bright enough to light the whole room.  Choose a light which is not enclosed for a brighter glow, or a diffused wall light for a more ambient light.  If you live in a property without wall lights in place you can adapt most wall lights so that they can be plugged in.  Choose a fabric cable in a herringbone pattern for a classic feel or a brighter colour for more modern interiors.  

Wall light and dining table | houseof

 For rented properties or properties which cannot be adapted then free standing lighting is the best option if you have no ceiling lights.  For a brightly lit space use floor lamps for your main source of light.  Choose a floor lamp with multiple bulbs as this will create the same light level as a ceiling light.  Make sure that the floor lamp is not obstructed and to reflect the light back into the room place it in front of a white wall or even a reflective surface, like a mirror.  

Floor lamps | living room | grey sofa | houseof

Table lamps won’t light the whole room but they will be a key supporting feature when you don’t have access to overhead lighting.  Table lamps will light dark corners and provide pockets of light where it is needed.  For a brighter light choose lights which don’t have an enclosed bulb or which have heavy metal shade.  Darker or heavier shades will envelop the light and provide a spotlight to the space directly above or below the fitting.  An open shade or one with a translucent shade will let the light escape and light a larger area.  

Table lamps | countertop | houseof
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