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Lighting tips for book lovers

Fri, Jan 15, 21

In the winter we crave curling up in a cosy corner, a cup of tea (or hot chocolate) in one hand and a book in the other. Whenever or however you choose to read your book we have a lighting tip for you. Whether it is floor lamps for reading nooks or table lamps for side tables, we have all of our bases covered.

by Helen
Lighting tips for book lovers

We are giving you permission to curl up with a good book this weekend. Not found your perfect spot yet? Here are a couple of tricks on how to light your favourite book reading spot. With the experts recommending that we get as comfortable as possible - who are we to argue! Illuminate your favourite pages and escape into book world this weekend.

Lounging on your sofa?

When reading, experts recommend being as comfortable as possible. This means you don’t have to concentrate on aches, pains or cramps and you can fully immerse yourself into your book. If you prefer to read horizontally rather than vertically (like us) then we would recommend using lower level lighting such as table lamps. Table lamps should be positioned on a side table next to the arm of your sofa. Make sure that the light reaches over the height of your sofa arm, otherwise it will create shadows on the precious pages.

Maxine Brady Styling | houseof | reading lights
Photo by @maxinebradystyling


Marble column table lamp | houseof | reading light | marble lamp
Marble column table lamp


Reading before bed?

According to a recent study by the Telegraph, reading before bed reduce stress levels by up to 68%. Apparently just 6 minutes of reading time will reduce your stress levels. If you, like us, love reading just before you drift off into a peaceful slumber then getting your lighting right will be crucial. Lighting can be a stimulant as well as a relaxant and if the bulb is too bright, provides a glare or the wrong colour temperature it will lead to a restless night’s sleep. When choosing a bedside light look for something with an enclosed bulb, like a table lamp with a shade. Make sure you pick a light which is the right height for your reading position and measure your head height before purchasing. Sometimes, installing ceiling lights or wall lights mean the light is a better level. Our Cone Shade Wall Lights have a hidden bulb and can be hung at the perfect eight for reading.

Home_at_seventeen | houseof | reading light
Image by @home_at_seventythree


Cone shade wall light | houseof | bedside wall light
Cone shade wall light


Tummy time?

A lot of people suffer with arm ache when reading and so opting to lie on your stomach is a good solution for this - especially when reading from a hardcover! Lying on your stomach means that you can position the book on the floor and flip the pages carelessly without cramping your arms. Make sure that you position a pillow underneath your tummy to lift it slightly and reduce the strain on your back muscles. When you are reading in this way, ceiling lights are your option. Having good access to overhead lighting is crucial for this position. Choose a light which is bright enough to light your room, like the sputnik ceiling light. It’s multiple arms allow a consistent spread of light.

Sputnik ceiling light | houseof | reading light
Sputnik ceiling light


Reading nooks

Reading nooks have gained popularity this year as people seek cosiness and security in uncertain times. Reading nooks are great as a dedicated space to store your next reads and cocoon yourself in your latest adventure. When lighting a reading nook floor lamps are a good option. Positioned behind an armchair they provide a taller light which will flood your pages. Choose a floor lamp with a slim base so that it doesn’t take up much space and can be tucked neatly into the corner of the room. The curve floor lamp is a great solution for this, the two lighting levels mean that you can slump in your chair or sit up straight. The bulbs are also covered to provide a more peaceful light level.

Have a lovely weekend reading - keep us updated on what you choose to escape into!

Renov8teen | houseof | diffuser floor lamp
Image by @home_at_seventythree


houseof floor lamp | reading light
Curve floor lamp
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