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Trend - nearly black.

Tue, Aug 20, 19

Colour trends of 2019. Explore our moodier trend, nearly black and see how to introduce this into your house.

by Helen
Trend - nearly black.

One of the most underrated trends this season is the graduation from harsh black to nearly black. A subtle change but this charcoal tone is much more sophisticated, subtle and much easier to integrate into your existing interior design. Nearly black is a tone of charcoal grey and it takes a second glance to see the change. It does mean that it will coordinate with all of the grey, greige and white interiors out there. It also layers quite nicely with colours like green and pink making it a striking and sophisticated addition to your house.

Paint it

It may seem like a bold choice but we have seen interiors getting darker over the last few years and it is about being brave and just going for it. Paint everything, the skirting, the picture rail and even the ceiling. Layer your painted walls with charcoal lighting like the curved floor lamp or the opal disc ceiling light to add texture and bring everything to life.

Nearly black room | houseof.com

Photo by Casa Vogue ama, casa de campo

Make metallics pop with charcoal

Grey matches with most things but it really helps one finish to pop and that is metallics. Pairing grey and brass is the dream coupling. Match a grey sofa with a the Elispe Table lamp in brass or the opal dic floor lamp in brass.

Nearly black and brass room | houseof.com

Photo by Living etc

Pair it with pink

We think we are in love with this dreamy kitchen. Subtle mix of charcoal and pink makes nearly black feel warmer and subtle. Get the look with our pendant ceiling lights in charcoal.

Charcoal and pink room | houseof.com

Photo from Pinterest

Accessorise with charcoal

Not brave enough to paint your ceilings yet? That's ok, just try introducing our charcoal colour as a highlight and accessorise with it in you existing room. Use it as a highlight on shelving systems or as a ceiling light against a blank white wall. Treat charcoal as your new neutral and use it as one of your base colours. Add in pieces which are less oppressive like the cage ceiling light in charcoal or the opal disc wall light in charcoal.

Nearly black accessories | houseof.com

Photo by cocoladesign.com 

Still need more inspiration, then check out our Pinterest board on all things charcoal.

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