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Tutorial - kitchen lighting scheme.

Wed, Sep 18, 19

Kitchen lighting can be confusing but let us help with the basics on how to plan your lighting scheme effectively. Move over kitchen spotlights, move in kitchen pendants.

by Helen

Kitchen lighting used to be ugly.  We are so glad to see the back of dusty fluorescent strip lighting and it’s gentle but highly annoying buzz.  I guess it used to be easier when there was only one option which is why everyone is so unsure what to put in its place.  It can also go horribly wrong and bad kitchen lighting is just not helpful to anyone. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked and handy answers to get you thinking.

What type of lighting should I use in my kitchen? 

In your kitchen it is important to not create any shadows or dark spots - basically to avoid you chopping of fingers!  Overhead ceiling lighting is best for this. Think about where you chop your veg or wash your dishes and make sure you have lighting directly overhead.

Pink kitchen | houseof.com

Photo by Topps Tiles

Should I use spotlights?

Spotlights are great for angling and tilting into dark corners but they don’t provide light to the whole room.  They are designed to light specific smaller areas and still create dark spots and shadows if positioned wrong.

Pendant lights kitchens | houseof.com

Photo by Pinterest

Should I use integrated LED lighting?

Under cabinet lighting is a great way to stop dark spots in the kitchen.  They aren’t the prettiest but they are truly practical. Make sure you match the colour temperature of your bulb to the colour of your ceiling lights so it feels like one scheme.

integrated LED lighting | houseof.com

Photo by Casa Vogue

What should I use over my breakfast bar?

If you are lucky enough to have the space for a breakfast bar in the kitchen, think about where people will be sitting and how you will use that space.  If it is for meal times, one light per person is good for symmetry, or position the lighting in between each sitting space.

breakfast bar lighting | houseof.com

Photo by studio 11 Maksim Vavinski, Tatiana Kashuro, Alexandr Zhmakin

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