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Tutorial - bedroom lighting scheme.

Bedroom lighting is a tricky beast. So many functions and so many options, bedside wall lights to, bedside table lamps and a statement ceiling light thrown in for fun. We demystify the bedroom lighting world in this blog.

by Helen

Bedrooms, where most of the team is right now, curled up - victims of the first winter colds.  Bedrooms are the place we need all sorts of lighting as it is the place we need to feel calm and collected but also where we rummage through draws, do our makeup or even use as a living room.  

The place we often begin is our centre light.  Think of this as a task based light, needed when you are at the back of your wardrobes fishing out the lost clothes from summers past.  Soft lighting is not going to work here, the light needs to be bright. It does feel counterproductive when sleep is concerned, but don’t worry we have a solution for that.  

hotel panache paris | statement bedroom light | houseof.com

Photo by Hotel Panache, Paris 

The centre light should be a statement light. It can often be hung above the bed and dropped a lot lower as there is no passing traffic.  Think of it as an extension of your interior style and the thing which brings the room together. We think the glass disc ceiling light is the perfect statement bedroom light.  It is our modern take on a traditional chandelier. Also think about the cage ceiling light for this job. 

houseof glass disc ceiling light

Photo by houseof glass disc ceiling light 

Ok, so you have your statement light sorted now we move onto creating atmosphere and a more calming scheme.  You may just choose to use these lights as a subtle hue to wake up to or just before you sleep. Bedside tables can be cluttered which is why we choose to use wall lights in the bedroom instead of traditional bedside lamps.  If you have an electrician handy then choose our cone shade wall lights as a hard wired option or the houseof you wall light for those with just a plug.  

Photo by Hoxton Hotel 

Photo by houseof cone shade wall light, pink  

You may think you are done here but actually there is one item which has become extinct from bedrooms in the past but actually we think it should be bought back.  The lesser spotted bedroom floor lamp. You know the chair you “hang” your days clothes on? You could also use this as a lovely reading space with a floor lamp positioned behind.  Choose one with a slim form like the LED task floor lamp and it won’t take up much of your precious space.  

LED Task floor lamp | bedroom lighting | houseof.com

Photo By houseof LED task floor lamp, blue 

We do a lot in the bedroom and we hope this whistle stop tour of bedroom lighting helps to make you life a little easier.  

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