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Tutorial - dining room interior design.

Dining room lighting and how to make the most of it. How to turn your dining room into a space restaurants would be jealous of.

by Helen

Photo by Tom Blachford

Dining rooms are back in fashion.  It is often the room which is the social hub of the house (just behind the kitchen of course).  They are the rooms we show off, the ones we keep for best, the ones we proudly present to friends and family and where we can truly gather.  So whether you use it for best at Christmas or just as a spot to perch with a takeaway, let us treat you to the secrets of designing the perfect dining room layout.

Choosing the right table

Obviously it is the centre piece of the room but sometimes it isn’t given the consideration it deserves.  Picking a table which is too big for the space can leave you with awkward corners and people pinned against the wall.  Rectangle tables are great but think about an oval also. The tapers at the end of the shape means that it is easier on the corners of the room.  It creates the same number of covers but makes the room feel bigger.

Oval table | houseof.com

Photo by Peter fehrentz

Talking points

Although the space is a workhorse for families and mid week meals we also like to save the dining room for best.  Creating talking points in the room - such as a statement light - give the room drama and suddenly takes it from casual dining to michelin star.

horizontal curve ceiling light | houseof.com

Photo by houseof.com horizontal curve ceiling light

Lighting your table

Lighting is important.  You don’t want you guests feeling like they are under a spotlight being questioned in an interview room but you also don’t want them guessing what’s for dinner.  Choose a light which is atmospheric and not too bright. Try using one central piece with a diffused bulb or spacing smaller pendants in between each seating position.

Lighting over dining table | houseof.com

Photo by Yellow Trace

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