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Tutorial - living room lighting scheme.

Tue, Oct 08, 19

Wondering how to get the best living room lighting? The nights are drawing in and the lights are going on. We focus on the living room this week and how to make it cosy and inviting through lighting ready for the winter months.

by Helen
Tutorial - living room lighting scheme.

Photo by Dulux

The living room is one of the places in the house which can take a lot of lighting and pretty much any type can be used but it is an important place to create atmosphere.  Think cosy nook and not Blackpool illuminations.

Living room lighting scheme

Photo by Ferm Living

Ceiling lights may not be switched on very often in the living room but they help create a statement.  One central light is probably enough but make it a dramatic one which is in keeping with your interior style.  This should be your showstopper - like our round disc ceiling light, our modern take on a chandelier.

Living room lighting | houseof.com

Photo by Lauren Maclean

Glass disc ceiling light | houseof.com

Glass disc ceiling light houseof.com

Table lamps are there for the feels.  They are the atmosphere and add that cosy feeling.  Use them in dark corners and in places you want to highlight.  A pretty shelving display can be brought to life by a table lamp like our ribbed concrete ones.

Table lamp living room

Photo by Figgoscope Creates

Ribbed concrete table lamp | houseof.com

Ribbed concerete table lamp houseof.com

Wall lights are a good in between - a ceiling light can sometimes be too bright and table lamps too atmospheric.  Wall lights are good at not creating a glare but they also emit a lot of light. The round diffused wall lights are a great example of this.  The light source is covered so doesn’t provide glare but as they are uplighters they are pretty powerful and give out a lot of light.

Wall light Living room

Photo By Rasmus Larson

Round diffused wall light | houseof.com

Round diffused wall light houseof.com

Lastly, the humble floor lamp.  Floor lamps in the living room are great positioned behind chairs and sofas.  If you want to create a cosy reading nook then choose a task light like the LED task floor lamp. Alternatively, if it is there for atmosphere then the only choice is the diffuser floor lamp in any of our rainbow of colours.  Expertly (cough) designed so that the light source is covered and it doesn’t emit a nasty glare.

Floor lamp Living Room

Photo By Little Greene

Diffuser floor lamp | houseof.com

Diffuser Floor Lamp houseof.com

Our one top tip - living rooms are supposed to be cosy, choose lighting where the bulb is covered, even for your ceiling light. It will mean that you will get a great coverage but a soft light.

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