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Tutorial - perfect living room table lamp.

Thu, Apr 16, 20

Want to find the perfect table lamp for your living room? Read on for hints and tips on how to light up those dark and dreary corners.

by Helen
Tutorial - perfect living room table lamp.
Image by @nicksnowinteriors

Table lamps are the perfect addition to fill those dark corners in the living room.  The can be used as a finishing touch once the rest of your lighting scheme is in place.

Think about using table lamps as an accessory in your living room creating cute shelf displays with products like the concrete ribbed table lamp.  It is also good for small side tables as it doesn’t take up too much room but packs a punch in the light output.  

Image by @linsdrabwell

concrete ribbed table lamp | living room lighting | houseof

Use larger table lamps like the green marble column table lamp on side boards.  Our distinctive opal bulbs on most of our lights mean that our lighting is low glare and so is perfect for activities like watching the tv! 

Image courtesy of @topology

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