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Tutorial - the perfect bedroom ceiling lights.

Thu, Apr 23, 20

Finding the right lighting is tricky and so this week we focus on helping you find the right lighting for your bedroom. Read on for our tips on picking ceiling lights for your bedroom.

by Helen
Tutorial - the perfect bedroom ceiling lights.
image by the Firehouse Hotel

Bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping.  There - I said it, oh hang on, get your mind out of the gutter.  I mean nowadays bedrooms are now a multi-functional room where all sorts happen.  They can be a dressing room, space for watching TV, doing your makeup or even more recently your office.  So because these rooms are multipurpose you need a lighting scheme which suits every occasion.  

bedroom ceiling light | houseof | artsist residence

Image by the Artist Residence

Let’s start with the ceiling light.  When looking for ceiling lights for the bedroom think about those times when you aren’t sleeping.  You need a bright light, because you are normally in there at the crack of dawn or when the blinds are drawn, meaning you are often in there when a lot of light is needed.  Choose a light in which has multiple bulbs, perfect for seeing to the back of those cupboards or illuminating dark corners at 5am.  The ellipse ceiling light is perfect for this.  You can also try hanging a couple of pendants spaced over the bed, something like the pendant ceiling lights work well here. 

Ceiling lights in the bedroom can also be used by the bedside.  When you are looking for bedroom inspiration there is no better place to look than hotels.  They often provide bedside ceiling lights instead of table lamps as they save precious space on the bedside table.  They can also be hung at just the right level for reading.  When you are looking for lights for this purpose, try a light with a hidden or enclosed bulb like the pendant ceiling lights or the soft shade ceiling light as they won’t provide a glare whilst you are relaxing.  These lights can also be hooked up to a dimmer switch and so can be left on for mood lighting when you need it.  

Bedroom ceiling light | visprung | houseof

Image by Visprung

For more inspiration on how to plan your bedroom lighting read our blog on how to create the perfect scheme here.

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