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Tutorial - the perfect living room floor lamps.

Planning you perfect living room lighting scheme is tricky which is why we are trying to demystify it for you. Read on for hits and tips on how to create the best living room lighting scheme and which floor lamps to choose for your living room.

by Helen
Tutorial - the perfect living room floor lamps.
image courtesy of staybeyond

Floor lamps are a great addition to your living room but some can take up a lot of space and not be entirely practical.

The most important thing in a living room is to create mood with your lighting.  The living room is often the room we are in the most and it is the room we want to relax in.  Create cosy reading nooks and corners with floor lamps. 

When looking for floor lamps for your living room look out for lights which have a small footprint - like the elipse floor lamp and the opal disk floor lamp.  These lights have a narrow base and so can tuck into any corner without taking up space. The tall forms also mean that the light is emitted around the room so you don’t have to sacrifice light for space. 

The diffuser floor lamp has been designed specifically for the living room.  It’s tripod form means that the legs fit neatly into a corner and over the corner of a sofa.  The shade is curved with the light reflecting inwards meaning that you don’t get a nasty glare but you do get a lovely glowing relaxing level of light. 

opal disk floor lamp | brass | houseof.com | living room floor lamp

opal disk floor lamp brass

diffuser floor lamp | pink | houseof.com | living room floor lamp

diffuser floor lamp, pink

If you are still stuck for ideas for living room lighting then read on here.  

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