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Tutorial - the perfect living room wall lights.

Thu, Apr 16, 20

Unsure on how to incorporate wall lights into your living room? Read on for hints on how to create the perfect living room wall lighting scheme.

by Helen
Tutorial - the perfect living room wall lights.

Wall lights are back in fashion - it is official.  Wall lights are so handy and they were long forgotten in lighting schemes but finally the world has woken up to their beauty and they are feeling the love again.   Wall lights can be used in so many ways but here, today, we focus on the living room.  

You should think about adding wall lights to your living room at the same time you add in ceiling lights.  They do a very similar job and can light the whole room if placed right. They can provide a bright light or a mood light - it just depends on the style you choose.  

For mood lighting choose a wall light with a hidden bulb which shines light back into the room.  Our round diffused wall light reflects light up onto your walls and ceilings, bouncing it back into the room.  This means that the light is glowy and much more subtle.

living room wall light | houseof.com

image courtesy of @oldvictoriannew

round diffused wall light | brass | living room | houseof

For task based lighting, or to highlight certain features in a room use the cone shade wall lights.  These can flood light into areas which need it and highlight ornaments and accessories in your room.  

image courtesy of @bloodsweatandfizz

Wall lights can also be used above chairs in the living room to create cosy nooks and reading corners.  

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