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Tutorial - the perfect wall lights for your bedroom.

Wall lights are fast becoming the first choice for bedside lighting. They space space on your precious bedside table and can be hung without the need for an electrician.

by Helen
Tutorial - the perfect wall lights for your bedroom.
Image by anothetic club

For ages bedside table lamps have taken over from wall lights as the go to.  Wall lights are actually far superior to table lamps as bedside lights, people just don’t think of them.  Wall light bedsides mean that precious space is not taken up by a clunky base - saving space for books, phones, hairbands, moisturiser or whatever else you need in the middle of the night.  Wall lights can also be hung at the perfect height for reading.  

When choosing a wall light for your bedside make sure that you don’t have an exposed bulb.  Choose an enclosed shade like the opal disk wall light, round diffused wall light or cone shade wall light as these will let out a soft glow - perfect for winding down to. 

houseof cone shade wall light | pink

If you don’t have fixed electrics, do not worry, most of our lights can be adapted to have cables too and so don’t need to be hardwired.  Alternatively choose the houseof you collection which comes with a cable attached - you can choose if you have it as a plug in or remove the cable to be hard wired.  

Read on to find out about the best ceiling lighting for your bedroom.  

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