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Tutorial - your office space.

How to plan your office space. It is time to take care over your desk space, some of us spend hours at it and so why do we not give it the time and attention it deserves? In this log we explore how to use desk lighting effectively and how to make your desk space inviting for the 8 hours we spend at it.

by Helen

Photo credit Architect Daily

With 50% of the UK workforce set to be working remotely by 2020 it is clear that we need to take more care in planning our workspaces at home. We need to consider that the home office is now becoming a permanent fixture in the house and not just a shady secret in a corner of the spare room.

Plan your vista

The good thing about working remotely is that you have the option to work wherever you work best, this is our mantra at houseof. There is no more vying for the perfect spot in the office, you can pick your vista.  Whether that is staring out of the window or looking at a blank wall, the choice is yours.

Scandi office | houseof

Photo by Pinterest

Plan your lighting

Don’t let your desk by an afterthought, make sure that it is incorporated into your interior designs.  Make sure that you have good overhead lighting at first so that you aren’t sitting in your own shadow. For additional lighting add a task or table lamp, they are perfect for helping you to focus on the detail in those darker evenings.

desk space | houseof

Photo by Pinterest

Not getting out much?

The problem with working from home is that it is easy to stay inside all day.  When buying bulbs look for bulbs which emit a daylight colour temperature - around 5600 kelvins.  You will be tricked into thinking you are getting more light and avoid seasonal affective disorder.

blue office | daylight | houseof

Photo by Laura Resen

Take a break

When you work from home it is more important than ever to take a break, otherwise you might go crazy.  Need human interaction? Then have a look in your local area as there might be others like you. Working from home clubs are popping up all over the country, as are hotspots and hubs for hotdesking. Working from home doesn’t have to be lonely anymore.

The wing new york | houseof

Photo by The Wing New York

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