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Product focus - diffuser floor lamp.

Wed, Mar 04, 20

We design every piece in the houseof range with a specific use in mind, making each product completely fit for purpose. It not only helps you find the perfect product it also helps us cut down on product wastage and is part of our contribution to reducing our impact on the environment.

by Helen
Product focus - diffuser floor lamp.

The diffuser floor lamp is the first of our product features this month.  Each week this month we will introduce you to a new product just so you can get to know the range and love it as much as we do. 

houseof diffuser floor lamp in pink with dimensions

The diffuser floor lamp, shown below in pink is the perfect living room floor lamp.  The living room is a space in the house where you can relax or have fun. It is the one space in the house where things do not  need to be done. The bedroom is used for getting changed or sleeping, the bathroom is for putting your makeup on or shaving and the kitchen is for prepping food.  They are all tasked based rooms and need brighter lighting as a result. The living room is the sanctuary in the house where you can let go a little, whether that is relaxing or the kids just causing chaos.  

houseof diffuser floor lamp | lights off image | Living room floor lamp

The first reason this floor lamp is perfect for the living room is it’s diffused light.  Most of us love a softer light and hate the glare of exposed bulbs when relaxing. The round disc hides the glare from tired eyes and blends effortlessly into the room. 

Diffuser floor lamp | houseof | living room floor lamp

Don’t be fooled into thinking this isn’t a bright light though.  The curved shape of the shade means the light is bounced back into the room.

diffuser floor lamp | houseof | living room floor lamp

This floor lamp also has a narrow footprint (but big impact).  The diffuser floor lamp is designed to be positioned in a corner behind a chair. The tripod legs mean that this fits neatly by the side of a sofa.

The footswitch and long fabric cable are also very clever ideas.  The long cable means that the foot switch can be easily accessed and the switch means you can easily pop the light on without having to contort yourself around the back of it.

pink cable | floor lamp | diffuser floor lamp | houseof

Lastly, this is an LED floor lamp meaning that it is easy on the eye and wallet.  It uses a lot less energy than a traditional incandescent light bulb. The bulbs are non replaceable but the will last approximately 10 years*!

As with all of our lights the diffuser floor lamp comes with 2 years guarantee and in a range of houseof colours.  Pick from pink, coral, blue or charcoal.

houseof diffuser floor lamp | pink floor lamp

*based on 4 hours usage per day, 365 days of the year.

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