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Product focus - hanging lighting in pairs.

We design our lights really thinking about their purpose and we so we know that some of our ceiling lights are better hung together. We have been listening to you and pulled together a collection of lights which are better together.

by Helen
Product focus - hanging lighting in pairs.

Photo by @Swoonworthy

Some things are best on their own, giving them space to shine without being overshadowed.  Others are better in pairs, after all you should never have Chandler without Joey - we all know what happened there.

We have pulled out our favourite pairs (as displayed by our lovely customers) so that they are easy to shop and you save money when you buy them.  You are most welcome.

The ring ceiling light

ring ceiling light in brass houseof

Photo by @Swoonworthy

houseof ring ceiling light in charcoal and brass against panelled wall

Houseof Ring Ceiling light

The Diner Pendant 

houseof diner pendant ceiling light in brass

Photo by @lindaclaytonwrites

The Pendant Ceiling Light

houseof pendant ceiling light in bathroom

Photo by @lindaclaytonwrites

houseof pendant ceiling light in brass in hallway

Photo by @houseofhelenwhite

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