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Product focus - opal ball chandelier.

Fri, Jul 03, 20

This blog introduces you to our new opal ball chandelier. We design every piece in the houseof range with a specific use in mind, this was designed to re-define the word chandelier and to provide your dining table with a captivating centre pieces.

by Hannah
Product focus - opal ball chandelier.

Inspired by curves and sharp lines as shown in the mood board below, the opal ball chandelier features a balance of form and art, combining bold colours, which has created a sculptural masterpiece in lighting.

houseof mood board | houseof | opal ball chandelier

Our aim was to re-define the word chandelier and design the ultimate houseof ceiling light. We think we have succeeded!

newness lighting | houseof | opal ball chandelier

 Featuring opulent glass arms that are finished with opal glass shades for a diffused glow, the captivating focal point was designed to be hung over a dining table or in a hallway with high ceilings.

houseof | newness | opal ball chandelier

The chandelier showcases how colour works together, combining our new lilac with the existing coral and pink, which perfectly complement each other.

newness | houseof | opal ball chandelier

This ceiling light is adjustable, so it fits any ceiling height and with 10 arms, offers a wide spread of light to your room.

newness | houseof | opal ball chandelier

If you like the opal ball chandelier then take a look at our new collection, which features more statement pieces.

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