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Product focus - the pill table lamp.

Ever wondered how we design our products? Well every detail is thought about and every product has a purpose in the range. This blog features the perfect bedside light - the pill table lamp in brass.

by Helen
Product focus - the pill table lamp.

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It is small and sometimes gets a little lost amongst the big boys on the site but the pill table lamp is something we are very proud of.  

Pill table lamp | houseof | bedside table lamp

This (little) feet of design will meet all of your bedside table lamp needs. Let’s have a look at why the Independent featured our brass table lamp in their recent article. 

Brass table lamp | houseof table lamp | bedside table lamp

Firstly, it’s small footprint means it is a perfect fit on an already busy bedside table.  You won’t need to move the tissues, moisturiser, book or phone to fit this table lamp into your life.  

houseof table lamp | bedside table lamp | brass table lamp

Although it has a small footprint the table light itself is tall.  Standing at 40cm, the light is positioned exactly where it needs to be when you are reading in bed.  

bedside table lamp | houseof pill table lamp in brass

We know that exposure to light before bed can delay or progress your body clock which is why the shade on this lamp is a soft smoke.  The bulbs glare is taken away and instead omits a soft calming light.

fabric cable | houseof pill table lamp

The bedside table lamp includes an inline switch which is easy to access on a houseof signature fabric cable.

Lastly, if you have read our previous blogs you will know that brass is THE metal colour to invest in.  Brass will not date and goes perfectly with bright colours as well as neutrals.

If you like this guy you should check out our pill chandeliers, they match perfectly with the pill table lamp.

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