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Tutorial - the myths of lighting.

How to light your house and make the most of it. Finding lighting hard to understand? We will challenge the myths of lighting to help you choose better.

by Helen
Tutorial - the myths of lighting.

We have said it before but lighting can be confusing so we have created a handy guide to get you started. We look at the myths that put people off buying lighting and challenge them.

The ceiling light

Cage ceiling light brass

Cage ceiling light - brass

The myth; People often think it is tricky to change their ceiling lighting but it is really relatively simple. It can often be as cheap as £50 to employ an electrician to fit your lighting and the job can be completed in less than an hour. Changing ceiling lighting in a scheme can have the biggest impact in style and in the feel of the finished product.

The uses; Ceiling lights can be used in many locations and not just in the centre of the room. Try hanging ceiling lights over our bedside table for space saving  or in threes over a dining table to create a statement.

The wall light

Curve wall light charcoal

Curve wall light - charcoal

The myth; It has long been thought that wall lights had their time and they are no longer trendy but in reality they are having a huge resurgence. Wall lights used to be boring but now retailers are challenging the norms and pushing the boundaries creating pieces which look more like works of art than wall lights.

The uses; Wall lights are so versatile. They can be used in the place of ceiling lights to provide light to the whole of your room or used as an accent or task light. Use a wall light in the place of a table lamp in cosy reading corners or next to your bed in the place of bedside table lamps.

The table lamp

Mesh table lamp - pink

Mesh table lamp - pink

The myth; “Table lamps are just for lighting dark corners” - this couldn’t be more wrong. Table lamps are a perfect addition to a corner but is by far their only use. Be proud of your table lamp, they are a thing of beauty and definitely don’t deserve to be put in the corner.

The uses; (As well as being useful for lighting dark corners) table lamps should be used as ornaments. They can be displayed on shelves or on a sideboard and really incorporated into your decorative scheme.

The floor lamp

Diffused floor lamp coral

Diffused floor lamp - coral

The myth; “Floor lamps take up too much room”. Whilst it can be said that some floor lamps take up precious space in a small room, some savvy designs have a really small footprint.

The uses; Use floor lamps to convert a dark corner. Tripod floor lamps can be great for positioning next to a chair or sofa, whilst slimmer designs are good to position behind seating areas. Floor lamps are also a great addition to the dining room using large arcs to light the centre of the table in the absence of a ceiling light.

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