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Trend - the new marbles.

Tue, Aug 20, 19

Material trends of 2019. This seasons eclectic trend is mixed marbles, read on to find out how to incorporate this into your house.

by Helen
Trend - the new marbles.

Marble is another trend which has been updated this year along with our dazzling blue trend. The new marbles is about layering, mixing and combining textures with colour and layering marbles on top of other marbles.

Use it in your bathroom

Marble has always been a classic choice for bathrooms but has traditionally been white. We have now seen people being more adventurous with this area and making the bathroom more trend led. Try using the marble hooks on the back of your door, or even our marble inlay plant stand to add some greenery to this area.

Pink marble bathroom

Photo from Pinterest

Set of three marble hooks | Pink | houseof

Set of three marble hooks, pink houseof

Marble plant stand | Green | houseof

Marble plant stand, houseof

Mixing it up

This year it is trendy to mix contrasting shapes, colours and texture in your house and marble is no different. Most of us already have an element of marble in the house so try introducing both of these new textures into your original palette. Our inlay marble tables match this trend perfectly with their 2 tone marble patterns.

Marble floor Cafeteria, Tel Aviv

Caferteria by Meir Guri, Photo by Yaniv Edry

Marble side table | green and pink | houseof

Marble side table, houseof

Marble plant stand | green | houseof

Marble plant stand, houseof

Use your worktops

Worktops are the place where marble is used the most in the house. People often shy away from using table lamps in kitchen but we think they can create a cosy corner or statement. Try layering our cone marble table lamps next to a pile of cookbooks and clash the marble patterns to be in line with the trend.

Photo from Pinterest

Cone marble table lamp | green | houseof

Cone marble table lamp, green, houseof

Have a look at more from our marble collection here.

Looking for more inspiration, take a look at our pinterest page.

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