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Reds and pinks symbolise optimism, compassion, nuturing and love. They are exuberant, enegetic and passionate colours. Reds and pinks should be used as accents ideally in blush tones. Great lighting is about so much more than just illuminating a room... Choose from pink ceiling pendant lights, blush pink floor lamps and light pink wall lights, red floor lamps, red ceiling lights and red wall lights to suit your scheme. All in exclusive houseof designs and (of course) in statement houseof colours. read more

Coral diffuser floor lamp £140
Available today - only 4 left!
Coral pendant ceiling light £35
Available today
Coral diffuser wall light £60  £42
Available today - only 3 left!
Coral metal diner pendant £70  £53
Available today - low stock
Coral cone shade wall light £40
Available today - only 2 left!
Coral wide metal diner pendant £80  £60
Available today
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