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White lights

White, the colour of peace and serenity. It’s no surprise that many yoga studios and meditation centres have white as a primary feature in their colour schemes. White also represents starting off with a clean slate, so employing white lighting in your home can regenerate a tired, old space. White also offers a neutral backdrop upon which other more extravagant patterns or colours can be built, making it a perfect starting block for a complete overhaul of your current interior scheme. Choose from white pendant lights, white wall sconces and white standing lamps to complete your look.

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White pendant ceiling light £35
Available today
White soft fabric ceiling light £60
Available today - only 1 left!
limited numbers
White soft fabric wall light £60
Dispatch in 1 - 2 weeks - low stock
White metal diner pendant £70
Available today
White diffuser flush ceiling light £80
Sold out... but back soon
White wide metal diner pendant £80
Available today - low stock
limited numbers
White flower flush ceiling light £120
Sold out... but back soon
limited numbers
White glass disk ceiling light £180
Dispatch in 4 - 6 weeks - only 2 left!
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