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The office, your space to study, learn, research, work and be a little productive (hopefully). Great office lighting is about so much more than just illuminating a room... Intergrate practical LED wall lights and table lamps for a flexible, working environment. Use task lighting or spotlights to illuminate worktops and desks. Enhance the rooms natural light with ambient lighting fixtures. Chose from our carefully curated range of modern LED office and task lighting options. All in exclusive houseof designs and (of course) in statement houseof colours. read more

Save £9
Lilac diffuser wall light £60  £51
Available today
Save £9
Pink diffuser wall light £60  £51
Available today
Save £18
Coral diffuser wall light £60  £42
Available today
Charcoal grey diffuser wall light £60
Sold out... but back soon
limited numbers
Brass diffuser wall light £60
Dispatch in 3 - 4 weeks
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