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White lights

Bring a shine to your living spaces with our collection of pearly white ceiling lights. White is a necessity for keeping it neutral..., cultivating calm, and allowing the bolder colours of your interior design schemes to make the statement they deserve. Each of our pieces work perfectly in your living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, and we have options for both low and high ceilings so that no space is left in the dark.

Choose a classy, contemporary look with our white glass disk ceiling light. This is a delicate brass structure displaying a creative layering of glass frosted disks, achieving a dainty, elegant finish to preside over your bedroom. Our white flower flush ceiling light is equally unique in design and ambient in effect, keeping its light projection cosy and contained. Or spread a mellow glow over your duvets and sheets with our white soft fabric ceiling light, particularly striking when paired with our matching table lamp.

For a minimalist look, choose our white metal diner pendant, the ideal light source in your dining rooms and kitchens. It’s a modest drop-down design with a smooth-edged shade producing a soft, warm flood of light. In the same vein of simplicity, take a look at our white diffuser flush ceiling light, the classic circular shape that slots into any living space without fuss, an impactful touch when paired in multiples.
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Opal ball chandelier £349
Dispatch in 2 - 4 weeks
White glass disk ceiling light £229
Available today
White metal diner pendant £75
Available today
White wide metal diner pendant £79
Available today
White soft fabric ceiling light £89
Sold out... but back soon
White diffuser flush ceiling light £99
Sold out... but back soon
White flower flush ceiling light £149
Sold out... but back soon
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