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Silver & Grey lights

Ground a classy and sophisticated tone into your home with houseof’s collection of modern silver and grey floor lamps... Our designs combine structural shapes and curves to create a unique effect for stand-out living spaces. Style them as you wish in your living rooms and bedrooms, bold and brilliant additions to a neutral interior design scheme.

If you’re looking to hone a contemporary feel, choose our grey concrete floor lamp. This is a straight-talking structure with an art deco and brutalist style, easy to slip into the quiet corners of your home and set them alight. The contrast of the diffused LED lit tube with the concrete base forms texture and intrigue. Or opt for our chrome reflective floor lamp, our favourite design. The chrome body of this floor lamp features 5 half-plated reflective chrome shades that produce a striking finish - even when the lights are off! Purchase either or both of these pieces in multiples to heighten the effect.

For a more understated design, choose our antique silver ellipse floor lamp. This is an ideal addition to industrial interiors, with a steel frame and reflective shades, emitting a soft, warm glow over and across your rooms. Style this piece in multiples too to create classy coherence around your home.
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Grey concrete floor lamp £159
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