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Brass lights

Lighten up your workload with our modern brass desk lamps, designed to create the perfect atmosphere for your concentration... Brass is the essential colour of calm you need on your bedside table or work desk, bringing a rich, opulent vibe to calm your chosen spaces with ease.

houseof’s brass lighting will do your busy mind a favour, and it’ll do it in style. Our collection of brass desk lamps combines structural shapes, curves, and sharp lines for unique finishes, certain to set your work spaces apart from the rest and inspire big thinking.

Our favourite designs include the brass ellipse table lamp. This piece is bold, beautiful, and bound to make a statement. It has a structured brass frame featuring two opal glass shades, which helps cultivate a warm and ambient light, the perfect tones for late-night reading. Our brass curve table lamp is equally distinctive, a C-shaped curve topped by a small bulb that emits delicate light. Or, for something small, choose our brass pill table lamp. This design is ideal for a contemporary bedside table or study space. It’s minimalist, timeless, and the perfect practical touch. Mix and match these desk lamps to create a harmony of calm wherever you desire.
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outdoor lighting
Brass outdoor table lamp £55
Available today
Brass ellipse table lamp £89
Dispatch in 2 - 4 weeks
Brass curve table lamp £99
Available today - only 3 left!
Brass pill table lamp £49
Available today
That's everything we've got in this collection.