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White lights

Light up the occasion with our collection of modern white table lamps. White is the perfect neutral for keeping it professional... And it’s versatile too, complementing a quieter palette, and contrasting bolder surroundings – whatever interior design you wish to combine with our table lamps, white is certain to work.

We have a range of unique designs built with purpose in mind so that you can cast a cosy, classy feel over your tables and desks. The white soft fabric table lamp is our favourite piece for indoor areas, a slender brass structure topped by a white fabric shade. This piece makes the perfect bedside lamp or dressing table lamp.

For the great outdoors choose our opal outdoor lantern speaker. It’s the ideal feature for your garden parties, keeping a soft glow over your long summer nights while pumping your favourite summer soundtrack. The colour changing LED light is perfect for bringing atmosphere to your balconies, gazebos, and patios this summer. And even your winter! The IP43 rating means the lantern speaker is fully protected against dust and moderate rain, resilient to the turbulent ways of the Great British weather. And the party doesn’t end there. This outdoor lantern speaker plays your favourite songs too! With Bluetooth connection, an integrated speaker and lighting lasts up to 20 hours.
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Opal outdoor lantern speaker £79
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White soft fabric table lamp £79
Available today
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