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Lights for low ceilings

Low ceilings can prevent your home from having the necessary space for large lighting fittings, and that’s why houseof has a collection of contemporary flush-llt lights to suit your rooms with low ceilings! These fixtures sit flat against your ceilings, or remain very close by, allowing adequate light flow to spread over even the most stunted of living spaces. Better still, they create the illusion of a much bigger room, upgrading your home with just the flick of a switch!

We have an assortment of modern flush-fit designs in brass, glass and metal, defined by characterful curves or sharp, straight lines, and all available in our signature colour palette. Our favourite flush-fits include the Dome Flush Ceiling Light, a classic circle shape perfect for wrapping up your kitchens and bathrooms in soft ambience. Our Diffuser Flush Ceiling Light and our Round Flush Ceiling Light have similar timeless profiles with individual quirks that lighten up your home. Looking to shake up the shape? Choose our Flower Flush Ceiling Light, characterised by a brass frame suspending a large opal glass shade for a stunning appearance. Branch out a little further with our 3 Light Flush Ceiling Light, defined by three metal stems of varying lengths extending opal glass shades into your bathrooms and bedrooms.

Whatever fitting you choose, the effect is the same — a soft, warm ambience washing of your living spaces. Browse our entire collection below to find the perfect lighting for your low ceilings.

That's everything we've got in this collection.