Our story.

houseof was founded by Helen and Michael in April 2019, out of a shared frustration with the direction of high-street retail. We might have only just started but we are making waves and keeping our promises.

Helen and Hannah at our press event

We know retail.

After 20 years working for some of the high-street's biggest names, we created houseof to shake up the market... challenging the way everything is done and bringing a startup mentality to a stale industry.

"this company was born out of a shared personal philosophy that people matter and that personality should be celebrated not ignored"

michael - houseof co-founder

diffuser floor lamps at our press event

We share values.

houseof was built on a shared set of values... designing beautiful products, being nice to people and doing less harm is just the start. Find out how we live our values everyday here.

Helen and Michael at our press event

We know you.

We don't just know our customers... we are our customers. We are an ambitious, detail orientated duo who only create products that we want to fill our own homes with.

"we are here to change the way online retail works, by empowering our community with expert information, design and inspiration."

helen - houseof co-founder

Helen at our press event

houseof helen.

"I live in a 2 bed flat in London, it isn’t big and fancy, but it is better than it used to be. I used to live in one room but by gradually painting, improving and adding, it is becoming a house that I love living in"... follow my journey

Michael at our press event

houseof michael.

"I currently live on a "1970's building site" just outside of London. We bought the house two years ago and are in the middle of knocking most of it down, to (bit by bit) build the family house of our dreams"... follow my journey

Florence and Hannah at our press event

The team.

Hannah and Florence complete our our houseof startup team. Four people with the ambition and drive of twenty. That’s the incredible thing about startups... and about houseof.

now you know all about us, tell us about you…

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“value is not determined by those who set the price... value is determined by those who choose to pay it.”

Simon Sinek

talking desk lamps

We promise to care.

98% of our reviews on Trustpilot have been five star. We are not perfect (yet), but we are close and we are woking on getting even closer... read more

ellipse plant

We promise to reduce waste.

Plastic free packaging and small production runs are just the start of us trying leave the world better than we found it... read more

the golden ring

We promise to think different.

We design and manufacture every houseof piece ourselves... so every product is exclusive to us and every sale guaranteed by us.

oval delivery network

We promise to deliver.

We successfully deliver hundreds of houseof orders every month... express, nationwide and paid for by us. The way it should be.

We promise to make good on our promises.

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